Repair & Restoration Services

John Jordan is currently accepting repair work on all stringed instruments: both fretted stringed instruments like guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, and the violin family instruments. Acoustic, electric, and ethnic stringed instruments are all welcome. Everything from minor adjustments to major restorations.

Occasionally, the demand for the instruments John builds makes it impractical to take on every repair request that needs to be done in this geographic area . In such circumstances there are other luthiers in the area offering guitar repair at a high skill level such as Benny Rodriguez in Pleasant Hill at (925) 639-6930 and Rob Schweitzer in Martinez at (925) 370-7380.

Before 2000, when John was running a multi employee shop, he and his employees repaired thousands of instruments every year. We have done everything from minor adjustments on new instruments to an extensive restoration on a 1591 Zanetto cello. We have experience with all the familiar stringed instruments as well as unusual ethnic instruments. We have been known to say; "If you bring us the tuning peg, we can rebuild the instrument that it fits". While no one has ever taken us up on that offer, we have done some highly complex restorations that come rather close to that description.

Many noteworthy professional musicians have chosen Jordan Music Services for repairs including: